Other dream.

I am a photographer, yes. But I have other dream also.

Nobody understand me when I say is my unique esperanza to live inhappiness. I dont know if I´ll go in one, two or twenty years later but in one second of my life I have to have a feeling that what is this. 

Private Dance Studio, California.

 I found something that YES, MAKES ME HAPPY!!

I write about this everyday and I feel frustrated because really, I am not doing anything for to make it happen because are a lot things against me. One of things is I live away of world of dance in all aspects, class, dancers and something that I can develop myself as a dancer. All who live surrounded by dancers will dance. Which on the contrary no, surely will be more difficult. The workshops are on big cities, group of dancers are on big cities, authorized places for dancers are only on big cities and I can tell more and more arguments for why I am not dancing right now. I cry, you know? Lol. I cry when I see people fighting and move to find one opportunity but for some reasons or others things remains it my dream.

But NO MORE, I cannot complain MORE, I MUST DO IT.


Talavera de la Reina

March, 2015